Here at Majestic Pinball Restorations we take pride in offering the very best in pinball machine service, repairs & restorations. Whether your game requires as little as a good clean and re-rubber or a complete and thorough strip down and restoration , we go the extra mile to breathe new life into your machines and get them playing like brand new once again!



- For the safety of my customers & myself I am currently conducting Covid tests twice weekly, sanitising my hands & equipment between jobs and I will be wearing a facemask.

- Home repairs are now back open, there is currently a small waiting list in place.

- The workshop is currently fully booked until 2022. Contact me to add a machine to the workshop waiting list.



Why hello there! My name is James and I'm proud to be able to welcome you to Majestic Pinball Restorations! I have been an avid, yet rather useless pinball player since discovering my first machine at the age of 6 while on holiday with my family. I fondly remember being blown away by the dazzling lights and quirky sounds of a very well used World Cup Soccer at a holiday camp arcade. A good few years went by until I finally purchased my first machine in 2016, a beautiful Zaccaria Queens Castle. It was then that I quickly discovered the joy of repairing pinball machines. I started to build an online portfolio of my work on the various machines that I collected, repaired and restored until eventually my passion developed further and in early 2020 I started to offer my services to other pinball enthusiasts. It was of great importance to me to dedicate my work in the memory of my late Grandfather who owned a beautiful showmans steam engine. That wonderful engine was named "The Majestic" and that's how Majestic Pinball Restorations was born!

Now I am excited to offer you the very best in service and convenience, bringing a youthful spark to the pinball repairs scene where customer satisfaction is my prime objective. I make sure to work very closely with my customers to ensure every service job is carried out as close to your specifications as possible. To learn more about what I can offer and for pricing please checkout the Service Information page.