I work on machines of all ages including both old Electro-Mechanical and Solid-State machines made by all manufacturers including; Gottlieb, Bally, Williams, Stern, Sega, Data East, Capcom and Zaccaria to name a few!

For home repairs I currently cover an 80 mile radius of Chelmsford including: Essex, Suffolk, Kent, London, Cambridge, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex & East Sussex however I am willing to travel further within reason. I no longer offer repair of Electro-Mechanical (EM) machines with serious problems at your home - they must now be booked into the workshop.

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I am able to repair most faults your machine may be suffering from at the comfort and convenience of your home. I no longer offer home repairs of EM machines with complex faults, the workshop is here to help those games! A game suffering with complex faults may require multiple repair visits or a trip to the workshop, but I will always try my best to get you flipping again during a home repair visit.

Home Repairs and Deluxe Playfield Services are charged at £40 an hour plus the cost of parts.

Callouts charged at:

Up to 30 miles travel to you is £40

31 - 60 miles travel to you is £60

61 - 80 miles travel to you is £80


The Deluxe Playfield Service is best suited for fully working machines that are just in need of a good spruce up. You'll be amazed how much better your game will play after some TLC!

The Deluxe Playfield Service is completely customisable to your games needs however as standard includes:

- Topside playfield strip, clean and wax

- Ultrasonic star post clean or replacement

- Plastics and playfield toys cleaned and polished

- New balls and Perfect Play silicon rings

- Mechanisms checked and adjusted

Upon request I can also offer:

- Lighting upgrade to Comet LED's

- Flipper rebuilds

- Colour or LED display upgrades

- Installation of Mods

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For games suffering more complex issues or for a complete restoration my workshop is here to breathe new life into your machine. For games visiting the workshop I provide regular progress updates, a detailed work log and a walkthrough video at the end of the project. 

At the workshop I can offer:

- A very detailed playfield strip down and clean consisting of everything in the Deluxe Playfield Service plus even more!

- Deep cleaning and restoration of all playfield mechanisms

- Powder coating and re-plating of metal parts

- Cabinet work

- Board repairs

Workshop repairs and restorations are charged at £30 an hour plus the cost of parts.


I currently operate from a very small workshop which limits the amount of machines I can work on at a time. Because of this I can't provide storage space for a machine before or after working on it. Keeping a finished machine tomb-stoned awaiting collection stops me from working on the next project.

Your machine MUST be collected from the workshop within 1 week of its completion.

If you wish to use a courier (Martin etc.) a collection date must be set in advance. I provide plenty of notice for when your game will be ready to arrange the courier. Due to previous loss of earnings caused by waiting on couriers, additional charges will be added after holding a game for more than 1 week - Thank you for your understanding!